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Medicaid Sign-up and Renewal

Apply  for Medicaid HERE!!

Thank you for being patient as we work through the application process for each individual.

Valley Community Service Board is pleased to be able to provide a robust level of Substance Use Treatments and Case Management. The SUIOP (Level 2.1), SUOP structured groups (Level 1), and SU Case Management, now include a new evidence-based, Interactive Journaling modality, to meet the various needs of the client population. These services are now covered by Medicaid. VCSB Substance Use (SU) treatment providers have all attended the required ASAM trainings and have been utilizing ASAM assessment criteria for completing SU assessments. We offer self-pay arrangements for those who do not have insurance. We are happy to remain available to field any questions any may have regarding our new IOP program.

Contact Valley Community Service Board at 540 887-3200 for more information.

Monthly Income Limits by Program

This chart summarizes the maximum monthly income limits for Virginia residents in order to be eligible for Medicaid. For more details click on the button below.

Learn more about new Cardinal Care from Medicaid

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   On January 1, 2023, Virginia Medicaid will rebrand all of its health coverage programs for Medicaid members. Cardinal Care will be the new unifying name for Virginia's two existing managed care programs — Medallion 4.0 and Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (CCC Plus) — and will also include members enrolled in fee-for-service, Plan First, and Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS).

   There will be no changes to the coverage or services that our members have come to expect.

   You will begin to see the new brand on Medicaid ID cards in January. Here's what to expect:


  • The blue-and-white Medicaid ID cards will still be valid. Both the old and new cards will enable claims processing. New Cardinal Care Plan First ID cards will clearly reflect the program's limited benefits coverage.

Managed Care

  • Managed care health plans will revise ID cards to replace Medallion and CCC Plus program names with the Cardinal Care logo. While most health plans will issue rebranded cards in the first quarter of 2023, some will begin sending new cards to members in late 2022. The new cards will be active January 1, 2023.
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