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Veterans' Services

Know Your Benefits and Resources


Cell Phone: 540-280-2252


About Leah Hale, veterans' support specialist:

I am a veteran's wife. I have been by his side for 10 years of military service. We have moved five times in that time. I have gone through TBI clinics with him, and the hardest task of transitioning out of the military. I am now here to help others with their journeys and serve other veterans. I want to help outreach and locate resources for veterans who were lost within the system.

   Veteran’s Day gives civilians an opportunity to honor those who are, or who have been, in military service. Many have heard about the difficulties facing Veterans once they leave the service, but only the Vets themselves and their families really understand what it may be like.

   Leah Hale is not just the Valley Community Services Board Veterans Support Specialist, she is the wife of a Veteran.

   Her husband, Zach, served for 10 years, and they went through the typical Veteran experiences of living on post and moving multiple times in short periods. 

Veteran Peer Support

Provides outreach, connection and support to veterans and their families as they address the challenges of military service, transition, deployments, PTS and behavioral health concerns, physical and traumatic brain injuries. The treatment is based on the principles of recovery, wellness, and resiliency by promoting self-determination, personal responsibility, and the power of self-directed recovery.

CONTACT: Veteran Support Specialist (540) 280-2252

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Individual therapy for depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance use and more is available at VCSB.

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