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Behavioral Health 

Children's Support

We have multiple support programs for at-risk children and their families which promote successful transition in social skills, self-esteem, and interacting in the community. We also aid families in accessing social services and provide parent information. Please visit our Children's Services page to see all of our options for your child. 

Group Therapy

It's never too late to seek help!


We offer a diverse assortment of group therapy sessions like self-discovery, anger management, anxiety in children, and more. Explore the options through the link below or call for an assessment today 540-887-3200!

Case Management

Comprehensive programs including assessments and referrals to assist in everyday functioning and recovery. Counseling services can be individual, group, and/or family psychotherapy. We offer two types of outpatient services dependent upon client need: regular outpatient and intensive outpatient. We can also help provide links for medical care to adults diagnosed with serious mental illnesses. 

Help and support are available for active military, Veterans and their families. 

How David Kubiak found joy in baseball

From college baseball to 36th round MLB draft pick to securing spots in 4 different organizations, David Kubiak’s baseball journey has been a series of ups and downs.

Photo by The Suffolk Times

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