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Substance Use Services


Services for youth

Counseling and Treatment includes individual and family therapy for substance using youth and/or youth whose parents use or abuse substances. Additional services offered include substance abuse evaluations, substance abuse groups for adolescents, and coordination with court services.


Children's Crisis Services is a short-term, goal-oriented program that provides screening and assessment, a treatment plan, ways to address the current crisis situation and referrals for further support.

Services for Adults

Standard Treatment includes individual and group sessions and focuses on addiction, family, healthy expression of feelings, relapse warning signs, and the ongoing recovery process. Family participation is an expectation.

Intensive Treatment is for those who show a need for more intense assistance.

Social Support helps individuals readjust to life sober. Goals include identifying relapse risk and dealing with life challenges and decisions.

It's Your Health


Take control of your health and safety with these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Smart Recovery Meeting

Every Monday 11 AM - 12 PM

Attend via Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 921 7594 0319

Family and Friends Meeting

Every Tuesday 1 - 2 PM

Attend via Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 921 7594 0319

Medicaid covers Substance Use Treatments

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