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Outpatient Services

Outpatient therapies include comprehensive mental health and substance use services for adults residing in the counties of Augusta and Highland, and cities of Staunton and Waynesboro. 

Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

VCSB has trained, certified and licensed mental health care providers. Both male and female treatment providers are available. Some specialize in working with children and families, while others specialize working with adults. The purpose of outpatient services is for adults and children to become healthier and to function better in their daily life.

Common categories of mental health issues:

Grief and loss
Anxiety disorders
Panic disorder
Post-traumatic stress
Obsessive compulsive
Substance Use Disorder (more information on SA services here)

Paths to Wellbeing

Individualized Counseling

Family psychotherapy

Group Therapy (more information here)

Medication management

Crisis support

Intensive Outpatient Behavioral Health Options

(other than Group Therapy)

Anyone 18 or older who has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness may work with a VCSB Case Manager (CM) in the planning and coordination of treatment. A CM is a trained professional who will help you get connected to the services and benefits you need to increase independence in your life. 

A case manager may provide some counseling-type support and some CMs are trained counselors. However, the case manager may refer you to an ongoing licensed counselor, if needed.


Program for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

Serves adults experiencing homelessness who may have behavioral health concerns including co-occurring substance abuse concerns.

PATH assists individuals with finding housing options, getting connected to behavioral health/substance abuse services, linking with community resources and coordinating with local agencies to assist individuals with a transition to housing.

CONTACT: PATH Worker (540) 213-7347

Veteran Peer Support

Provides outreach, connection and support to veterans and their families as they address the challenges of military service, transition, deployments, PTS and behavioral health concerns, physical and traumatic brain injuries. The treatment is based on the principles of recovery, wellness, and resiliency by prooting self-determination, personal responsibility, and the power of self-directed recovery.

CONTACT: Veteran Peer Support Specialist (540) 280-2252


Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) 

The ACT team provides intensive behavioral health interventions to adults who have a frequent and/or lengthy history of psychiatric hospitalizations due to challenges controlling symptoms of Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder and Bi-Polar Disorder, and who also have a history of challenges tending to their basic needs while living in the community.

Services are comprehensive in scope.

CONTACT: ACT Team Supervisor

(540) 886-7100

School-based Outpatient Services

Children often experience significant emotional or behavioral difficulties in the school and home settings. VCSB offers integrated school-based counseling services in area schools.


Gender-Specific Services including individual and group services that have been adapted to address issues specific to women. Services may include the role of relationships, parenting, childcare, sexual and/or physical trauma. 


Pregnant women who are registered and enrolled in the agency, especially those in need of substance abuse treatment will receive treatment priority and be admitted into treatment within 48 hours of their request.

Gender-Specific Services

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